Having health insurance is important for you and your family’s well-being. Not only will it help keep track of everyone’s health, but it can also help you save money on urgent medical expenses. Despite knowing that, you may be a little cautious about getting one if you have heard of certain misconceptions about insurance. To help you, here are some debunked health insurance myths:

Myth # 1: You don’t need insurance if you are young and healthy

This is one of the most common misconceptions about having health insurance. Even if you are physically fit and have no existing ailments, there is no telling when you might get sick or when you might get into an accident. Plus, getting a health plan when you’re younger is better since the premium is more affordable.

Myth # 2: Health insurance doesn’t have maternity coverage

This used to be true, but nowadays, companies have included maternity benefits in certain policies. Although there are limitations in the coverage, having insurance during pregnancy is a great help in lessening your expenses.

Myth # 3: A group health insurance is enough

If you are employed, your company may provide you and your family insurance benefits. But even with the convenience of them handling everything, you might not get the right benefits you need. Also, your coverage only lasts as long as you’re part of the company. Once you quit, you’ll eventually have to find new health insurance.

Myth # 4: Your insurance covers the cost of everything 

Although this may sound true, the amount covered depends on your policy. While some services have full coverage, there are certain procedures or medications that may require out-of-pocket fees. So, it’s important to know and understand your plan’s scope and limitations.

Myth # 5: Insurance claims require 24-hour hospitalization 

While this was mandatory before, daycare treatments are now allowed for insurance claims. Daycare treatments are procedures done in less than 24 hours, such as chemotherapy or dialysis. Dental care, however, is not considered a daycare treatment, and coverage may depend on your policy.

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Now that you know about these insurance myths and facts, you can better understand health insurance plans. There are many types of insurance available, and if you want to get the one best suited to your needs, it’s better to talk to a professional. Contact Midwest Employee Benefits to learn more about individual health insurance.