It can often be difficult to accurately prepare for the future. However, one thing you should never skip out on in times of need is insurance. With many different types of insurance available, it is sometimes difficult to know what is really important when money gets tight. Here are 5 types of insurance you should always have in order to ensure you and your family are well provided for:

Long Term Disability Insurance

Long term disability insurance is something everyone should try to get through their employer or if it isn’t available where you work, something that you should try to get on your own. You never know what the future will bring and it’s better to be prepared for a tragedy or disability to strike than to be stuck without a paycheck when it does.

Health Insurance

There are many different types of group health insurance policies out there, and this is definitely a hot button topic at the moment, but it is something that you need to cover the health of you and the family you love. While health insurance is expensive, it’s cheaper than the alternative should something happen to you or a family member and you have to pay out of pocket for treatment.

Life Insurance

While not having life insurance isn’t illegal, it will give you the peace of mind of knowing that when something happens to you, the ones you leave behind won’t be left holding the bag and struggling to survive. There are quite a few inexpensive life insurance policies out there that you can check into to ensure you and your family are covered when the inevitable happens, as it will with everyone in the end.

Dental Insurance

Dental insurance is a great addition to your health insurance coverage and can help keep both your smile – and your budget – in top shape. Having preventive care through dental insurance can save you big bucks if something happens down the line.

Vision Insurance

Because eye exams can detect hidden medical problems, even those with perfect vision shouldn’t skip them. An eye exam from a general practitioner is often not thorough enough to detect eye health problems. Vision insurance is a way to reduce eye care expenses.


These are just a few of the types of insurance that are actually must-haves instead of luxuries. It’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to securing insurance for you and your family.