A dental insurance plan helps cover costs associated with dental care, including oral examinations, x-rays, and even routine cleaning. This can be purchased separately as some medical insurance plans do not cover oral care. Having this insurance plan is helpful if you want to save money and feel more secure in case of any dental emergencies.

Does Your Dental Insurance Cover Braces?

There are many types of dental insurance available, so it can be quite tricky to know which one is the most beneficial if you need orthodontic treatment. Although dental plans cover most preventative care, not all policies cover braces. But, there are instances where you can get them with your insurance plan or at least be provided with an affordable option. Here are some of them:

If You or Your Children Are Under the Age of 18

Most dental plans cover orthodontic treatments for people under the age of 18. Dental services offered may vary according to your policy, but some states require coverage for children’s braces. In this case, it depends on your insurance plan if you get partial or full coverage.

If your policy does not cover the total cost of orthodontic treatment or braces, you may still get benefits for flexible payment options. It helps to know your benefits, lifetime maximum, and co-pays for your policy. For more information, you may talk to your insurance provider.

If You Have Medical Needs for Braces

Dental plans do not cover oral treatments that are not for medical purposes. This includes treatments that are done to improve your appearance, like veneers and braces. However, your insurance may provide coverage for braces if it is medically necessary. For example, if you need to treat dental issues like difficulty in chewing or jaw misalignment.

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