Open enrollment is when employees of companies may make changes to their benefit options, such as health insurance. As an employer or HR professional, your responsibility is to make sure that the employees are fully prepared come open enrollment period in South Dakota.

Providing assistance will tremendously help them pick the benefits that they will be happy with. Take note of the following to ensure a successful open enrollment for your employees.

Educate Your Employees

Before having them fill out the forms, make sure that your employees have access to as much information as they can get their hands on. Provide essential materials such as handouts and pamphlets ahead of time so that your staff has more than enough time to review their options.

It’s also important to explain the differences between high- and low-deductible plans to those who aren’t too familiar with them. The main difference is the number of deductibles, but there are more factors to consider when selecting between the two. There is no one-size-fits-all answer to which one is better as long as the employee knows the pros and cons of both.

Send Reminders Constantly

A lot of employees are constantly busy with their work, which is why it’s easy for them to forget about applying for new benefits. For that reason, it’s crucial to remind them, especially in the first two weeks of open enrollment in South Dakota.

A brief reminder through email can make a big difference for many employees. You’d want to send out multiple reminders throughout the open enrollment season to make sure that no one misses the announcements.

Communicate Properly

To avoid overwhelming your employees with all the available options, don’t send all the marketing materials at once. You’d want to pace your communication so that they will have enough time to process each one.

By analyzing the data from the previous year’s open enrollment in South Dakota, you’ll be able to discover what your employees want in their healthcare insurance and other benefits. That way, you can highlight the benefits that fit with what’s important to them.

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