Group medical insurance plans are one of the usual benefits provided by employers to their employees. With them, you can get health coverage for yourself and your family at a much lower cost. Despite that, you might wonder how this type of medical plan is beneficial for you. Read on to learn about some advantages and disadvantages of choosing a group insurance plan:


  • It’s convenient

One of the major advantages of group coverage is convenience. The majority of companies include group insurance in their benefits packages, so it won’t be troublesome to get one. Plus, you can make the most out of this benefit by adding your family members as dependents. This option is also less time-consuming as the HR department does all the paperwork during the hiring process.

  • You will spend less

Companies typically pay for group policies on behalf of the employees, which makes it ideal for those who cannot afford individual health insurance. Although there may be out-of-pocket costs depending on your medical needs, you’ll still be spending less.


  • Benefits are tied to your job

Since group medical plans are offered by your employer, it’s likely that you won’t be able to continue your policies once you leave the workplace. Although some can be converted into individual life insurance, this method tends to be pricier and less ideal. The price of insurance plans goes higher as you age, so if you want to have steady coverage, you can choose an individual plan instead.

  • Coverage is not personalized

In group health insurance plans, the company chooses the type of benefits plan for the entire organization. Typically, the policies offered would only cover basic health care like hospital visits and certain medical tests. Because of this, you won’t be able to get coverage for more extensive health care needs.

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