Most people get their health insurance coverage through their employers. However, not everybody gets to enjoy healthcare packages, as some companies aren’t capable of offering them. If your job does not insure you, you can still shop for a plan by yourself.

Before purchasing a private health insurance plan in South Dakota, it’s only natural to ask what it covers. For your reference, below are the inclusions of an individual health insurance plan.


Much like with employer-sponsored health care packages, medical and surgical expenses are covered by a private health insurance plan in South Dakota. Although, unlike work-provided benefits, this plan can be customized to fit your needs. On top of that, losing your job won’t lead to the loss of your health coverage.

You can purchase individual health plans either on-exchange or off-exchange. The former refers to buying a policy through the marketplace, while the latter means purchasing them through private insurance companies.


Most dental benefits cover costs for preventive care, such as annual or semi-annual treatments, including cleaning, x-rays, and sealant applications. Meanwhile, basic procedures like gum disease treatment, extractions, fillings, and root canals require co-payments.​


Most people own smartphones, which they use every single day. Also, jobs that require employees to spend long periods in front of a computer screen are increasingly becoming common. For those reasons, people in this day and age are more susceptible to eye damage.

Vision insurance is more valuable today than ever before. Optical insurance in South Dakota provides coverage for vision care, including routine eye exams, vision screenings, prescription glasses, and contact lenses.

Supplemental Plans

Individual health insurance can also include supplemental plans such as Medicare and Aflac. These plans can protect you from unexpected out-of-pocket medical expenses. Supplemental plans can help pay part of your healthcare costs like co-payments, co-insurance, and deductibles.

Short-Term Plans

Some instances call for coverage for only a brief period. If the following circumstances apply to you, consider getting a short-term plan:

  • You’re unable to apply for the Affordable Care Act (ACA).
  • You’re waiting for your ACA coverage to begin.
  • You’ve missed out on the open enrollment period.
  • You’re looking for a plan to fill the gap until your Medicare kicks in.
  • You’re coming off your parent’s insurance coverage after turning 26.
  • You’re waiting for your benefits to begin at your new job.

Standard short-term health insurance plans can help you fill a gap in coverage from a month to just under a year.

Individual Health Insurance in South Dakota

Whether you’re uninsured by your work or you just want extra protection, purchasing your own insurance plan is highly recommended. If you’re looking for a reliable company in South Dakota that provides individual health care insurance, look no further than Midwest Employee Benefits. Contact us today!